I'M Rauno Avel

Hi, I am Rauno Avel

A sound engineer from Estonia

My passion is sound recording and sound engineering. I love to tackle challenges that come with capturing sound in difficult conditions. I have worked with individual artists, bands, musicians, orchestras, tv & film productions, live broadcasts and performances. I also have a longtime involvement with sound design for musical theatre productions.

My second calling is to develop web based software which meets the needs for solving complex and logical tasks. I have largely developed booking systems, registry and statistic processing programs.

What I offer

My Services

Live Sound

I do live sound mostly with my own audio console, but I also master all other audio controls.

Studio Recordings

I make studio recordings in the Studio89 studio. View more

Mixing & Mastering

I offer high quality mixing and mastering. With Studio89 we can support uploading tracks to Spotify.


  • ProTools 2020.12
  • Cubase 11
  • WaveLab 10


Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle
SoundToys 5 Bundle
SSL Native Essentials Bundle
Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced
Izotope RX8 Standard
Melodyne 5

Recent works

My Portfolio

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  • Theatre
  • Broadcast
  • Live Sound
  • Recordings


JMA - Ükskord niikuinii mix, master
ELIZA - Sa Haara Kinni mix, master
K A T I - ‘’UNES'' mix, master
Curly Strings - Hommik recording, mix, master
Estonian Voices - Ära löö noorikut recording, mix, master
Frankie Animal - Kiss Me recording, mix, master
Hedvig Hanson - Kodumaa recording, mix, master
Marianne Leibur - ‘’Puudutus'' recording, mix, master
TÜ VKA Segakoor - ‘’Vana Mehe Laul'' mix, master, video
Triana Park - ‘’Sons and Daughters'' rec..., mix, master
Nebula Flowers - Udu recording, mix, master
Karmo Toome - Jää Jumalaga, ... mix, master
Loora & Kauro Duo - Young recording, master
Artur - ‘’The Great Awakening'' master
SVJATA VATRA - ‘’Shchedryk'' master
Miljardid - ‘’Mister Please'' recording, mix, master
Jaagup Tuisk - ‘’Legendid oma loos'' master
Mait - ‘’Külmad Veed'' master
Kali Briis Band - ‘’Paper'' recording, mix, master
Angus - ‘’Angus'' recording, mix, master
Misteerium - ‘’Sinine taevas'' recording, mix, master
Liblikas - ‘’Wooden Spaceship'' recording, mix, master

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